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Study shows Mediterranean diet improves sexual health in men

The Mediterranean diet has been in the headlines recently because a new study published on ‘Journal of Sexual Medicine’ shows that the diet is beneficial to help avoid strokes. 

Recognized for its ability to help improve heart health, the Mediterranean Diet also can help kick-start a flagging libido in men with metabolic syndrome. 

While studies show that the Mediterranean Diet can help overcome erectile dysfunction (ED), or impotence in men with metabolic syndrome, the Mediterranean Diet is a healthful diet for men with and without metabolic syndrome, and with or without sexual dysfunction. 

For men with metabolic syndrome, about 400,000 Greek men, the diet helps to overcome erectile dysfunction (ED), or impotence. 

In fact, studies show that many of these men with ED cure their problem after following a Mediterranean-style diet, combined with exercise. 

Source: Greek Reporter [December 01, 2011]


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