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Health Assistance

Do you feel that your health is in decline?

Do you suffer from headaches, muscle pains, IBS?

Do you have palpitations, chest pains, breathing difficulties?

Have you gained a lot of excess weight over the last few months/ years?

Do you find your job related responsibilities overwhelming?

Do you lack control over your life?

Are you continuously angry at the people you love?

Do you feel that your energy is low?

Most probably you are suffering from STRESS. Stressful situations at work can affect all aspects of your life. They cause emotional imbalances, which in turn lead to physical symptoms. When your mind is suffering, your body reaps the consequences.

Even if you feel desperate, I can assure you, there is light at the end of the tunnel. I can help you regain CONTROL over your life, SELF-CONFIDENCE, reconstruct a work-life BALANCE, RECOVER from your physical symptoms, feel HAPPY again, LOSE WEIGHT, and become more ACTIVE and ENERGISED.

I am using a series of psychological methods, coaching techniques and the most effective holistic arts in order to achieve the BEST and EASIEST results in a very SHORT TIME. We will hold a series of meetings, either in person or over skype in order to resolve the problem.

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